Tavern at Sunset Hill

Ploughman’s Platter Assorted Local Meats and Cheese, House Pickled Vegetables, served with Housemade Bread   12

Basil Panna Cotta Fresh Cheese, Roasted and Fresh Tomato Salad, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil   9

Grilled Edamame Sea Salt, Lime, Nori, Chilies   7

Buffalo Chicken “Drummettes” Blue Cheese-Celery Salad, Garlic-Herb Aïoli   9

Smoked Lamb Neck with Gratin of Sweet Peas, Pistachios, Mint, and Tarragon   14

Farmers’ Salad Bowl A Changing Assortment of Vegetables and Lettuces from our Local Farmers with Chive-Buttermilk Dressing   11

Assorted House Pickles   6

Sunset Salad Gem Lettuce, Peaches, Candied Almonds, Talleggio with Blueberry-Lemon Vinaigrette   9

“Crisps” Duck Fat Crisped Maine Potatoes with Garlic-Smoked Paprika Aioli   9

Roasted Market Vegetable Raviolo with Roasted Tomato Broth   12

Hanger Steak Potatoes Paillasson, Market Vegetables, Onion Soubise*   23

Statler Chicken Wild Rice, Mushy Peas, Fried Ramps, with Garlic Cream Sauce   20

Double Bacon Cheeseburger American Cheese, Thick Cut Bacon, Shaved Red Onion, Lettuces, Ma Beers’ Pickles, “Secret Sauce” and Hand Cut Chips*   15

Vodka Battered Fish and Chips with Dijon Vinaigrette dressed Cole Slaw   15

English Bangers and Mash with Caramelized Onion-Brown Ale Gravy   16

Hake from the Gulf of Maine with NH Mushrooms, Parisian Potatoes, Spring Onion, and Mushroom Consommé   23

Fresh Rigatoni with House Fennel Sausage Ragú, Bell Pepper, Bronze Fennel, and Asiago   18

Sweet Corn Risotto with Marinated and Grilled NH Mushrooms, and Truffle Oil   17

Potatoes Paillsson   6

Hand Cut Chips   5

Chef’s Market Vegetable   6